Clubs (Offers for striptease dancers)

Italy, Venice

About club:
Job for striptease dancers. In province of Venice, Veneto region, established large club. Nearby Venice - pearl of Italy, nearby and Adriatic sea. The club is visited by wealthy locals. Girls are accommodated in Cavarzere city, just 50km from Venice.  Club owner offers for girls good living conditions. Apartments are near shopping centres, restaurants, shops.

Working hours:
• Tuesday - Sunday: 22 p.m. to 5 a.m.
• Six work nights per week.

• Fixed fee of EUR 60 for a work night.
• EUR 25 for a 15 minute private topless dance; it is forbidden for the clients to touch the girls.
• Additional bonuses for consummation.
• The fee shall be paid every two weeks; it is possible for a girl to get advance payment.

Living conditions:
• Free of charge apartments near club. Two girls sharing one room. Fully equipped kitchen, bathroom (washing machine).

Dress code:
• Short cocktail dresses.

Selection Criteria:
• Age: 18-30 years, English language.

Contract duration:
• No less than 2 weeks.

Job description:
• Interaction with club guests, private topless dances, consummation. Intimate services are strictly prohibited.

Travel expenses:
• can grant a credit for travel expenses.