Clubs (Offers for striptease dancers)

Greece, Athens

About the club:
Job for striptease dancers. This is best known club- erotic theatre in Athens, every night 150-400 guests! Club owner have big experience in this business. „“ agency knows club owner for many years. Club waits professional and non professional dancers.

Working hours:
• Every day  23:00 p.m to 5:00 a.m

• Fixed fee of EUR 50-80 for a work night.
• 3 min. of dance EUR 4, 10 min. of dance EUR 20.
• Bonuses of the beverages ordered.

Living conditions:
• Free of charge apartments near club: kitchen, bathroom. Bedding provided.

Dress code:
• “Bikini”, short dresses.

Selection criteria:
• Good looking, English language.

Contract duration:
• Month.

Job description:
• In the course of the evening, 4-5 shows shall be performed on stage. Interaction with club guests, consummation. Intimate services are strictly prohibited.

Travel expenses:
• Flight tickets are free of charge.