Clubs (Offers for striptease dancers)


About the club:

Job for striptease dancers. Club is located in Ibiza Island, San Antonio city’s night life centre. Club works since 2004 years and it’s the best lap dance club in Ibiza Island. Girls will work in a friendly atmosphere and will be accompanied by helpful club personal.

Working hours:

  • Monday - Sunday: 23.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.
  • Six work nights during week.


  • No fixed fee.
  • Glass of champagne price EUR 20, girls get 50%.
  • 20% of champagne bottles ordered.
  • EUR 15 for private “topless” dances, lasts one song; the clients are forbidden to touch the girls.
  • For 15 min. in VIP - champagne zone girls get EUR 50 and percentage from drinks; the clients are forbidden to touch the girls.
  • Special prices for birthdays, bachelor parties.
  • Payments are paid every night.

Living conditions:

  • Fully furnished apartments near club and beach, two girls sharing a room. Fully equipped kitchen, bathroom (washing machine). Bedding provided.
  • Girls pay for apartments EUR 15 for a day.

Dress Code:

  • Short dresses, “bikini”.

Selection Criteria:

  • Age: 18-35 years, great looks, english language.
  • Girls can be taught to dance for free by club.

Contract duration:

  • No less than 2 weeks.

Job description:

  • In the course of the evening, 3-4 dances shall be performed on the stage; duration two songs; at the first dance no need to take of clothes, second one - “topless”. Intimate services are strictly prohibited.

Travel expenses: can grant a credit for travel expenses.