Clubs (Offers for striptease dancers)


About the club:

Job for striptease dancers. An agency has to offer at the best club in Oslo, Norway. The club is well known for over 30 years. The owners of the club are waiting for both professional dancers and to train newcomers. There is a great atmosphere. The basic rule of the club is "Look, but don't touch".

OWorking hours:
  • Tuesday – Saturday: 21.00 - 3.30.
  • Five work nights during the week.
  • Guaranteed income not less than NOK 600 per night.
  • 50% of lap dance and 37.5% of private dances.
  • 100% of tips.
  • For girls NOK 100 from a glass of champagne, and from a bottle NOK 300-1000.
  • 15% for taxes on total earnings excluding tips
  • Payment is payed at the end of contract.
Living conditions:
  • Fully furnished apartments- kitchen, bathroom (washing machine), the internet. Bedding provided. 10 min. walk from the club. Fee 600 Kr per week.
Dress Code:
  • Sexy cocktail dresses (short, long) and at least three themed suits.
Selection Criteria:
  • 18 - 35 years, great looks, English language.
Contract duration:
  • Not less than two weeks.
Job description:
  • In the evening, topless performances are performed on the stage and at the end of the dance (full nude), 5-7 songs per night. Communication with club guests, consumption, private dancing. Intimate services are strictly forbidden, touching girls is forbidden.
Travel expenses:
  • ‘’’’ agency can grant a credit for travel expenses.