Clubs (Offers for striptease dancers)


About the club:

Job for striptease dancers. In Osnabruck, Germany a lap-dance club established. Intimate services are strictly prohibited in the club, which is guaranteed by a great surveillance camera system. The club has a friendly atmosphere and the club staff helps the girls get used to and get involved in the work as effectively as possible.

Working hours:
  • 22.00-5.00 Monday - Thursday, Friday - Saturday 21.00-6.00
  • Six work nights during the week.
  • Fixed fee of EUR 40 for a work night.
  • 50% of dances.
  • 30% of the beverages ordered.
  • 50% of the tips.
  • Earned money payed in the end of contract.
Living conditions:
  • Free of charge apartments next to the club – kitchen, bathroom (washing machine), internet. Bedding provided.
Dress Code:
  • Cocktail dresses.
Selection Criteria:
  • Age: 18-35 years. Great looks, English language.
Contract duration:
  • No less than 2 weeks.
Job description:
  • In the course of the evening 6 topless dances shall be performed on the stage. Interaction with club guests, consummation. Intimate services are strictly prohibited.
Travel expenses:
  • '''' can grant a credit for travel expenses.