Clubs (Offers for striptease dancers)

Los Angeles

About the club:
Job for striptease dancers. Luxurious, number one club in California located near Los Angeles airport. From the club to Hollywood just few minutes away, the beautiful Los Angeles beaches are near. The club team is always ready to help and advice girls, so it's easy to get involved in the work system. Girls make money only from dance, do not use alcohol.

Working hours:
  • Thursday – Saturday: 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 a.m. Few shifts.
  • Four work nights per week.
  • 50% from table and private dances.
  • 100% from tips.
  • Earned money paid each night.
Living conditions:
  • Fully furnished apartments near club free of charge. Kitchen, washing machines, bedding provided, Wi-Fi. Once per week free cleaning service provided.
Selection criteria:
  • Age: 19-35 years. English language.
Contract duration:
  • No less than a month.
Job description:
  • Dancers earn from tips and private dances.