Clubs (Offers for image girls)


About the clubs:

Job for drink hostess. has been cooperating with clubs in Luxembourg for 6 years by now and, consequently, we have time-tested partners there. The brand-name is respected and reputed in Luxembourg as a professionally working agency. Timely and accurate payment of wages, good living and working conditions are guaranteed in all of the clubs. Currently, we offer 9 high-class clubs in city center of Luxembourg and the periphery.

Working hours:

  • Monday - Sunday: 22:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.
  • Six work nights during the week.


  • Fixed fee of EUR 50-60 for a work night.
  • 20% of the price for drinks.

Living conditions:

  • Free of charge apartments in the club building.

Dress Code:

  • Various stylish dresses.

Selection Criteria:

  • Age: 18-40 years, English language.

Contract duration:

  • No less than one month for beginners; 2 weeks for those with experience.

Job description:

  • Interaction with club guests, consummation.

Travel expenses: can grant a credit for travel expenses.