Clubs (Offers for image girls)

Italy, Verona

About the club:

Work for hostess & image girls in the high-class elite club about 1 km. from Verona old town center. Club guests are businessmen, bankers and others who can afford to treat a girl to a bottle of expensive champagne, and tips that are enough and to spare. This is one of the most expensive clubs in Italy; the girls are given trips, jewelry as well as dozens of other lovely gifts.

Working hours:

  • Monday - Saturday: 22:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.
  • Six work nights during the week.


  • Fixed fee of EUR 60-90 for a work night.
  • Additional bonuses for consummation.
  • The fee shall be paid every two weeks; it is possible for a girl to get advance payment.

Living conditions:

  • Free of charge apartments in the territory of the club. Bedding provided.

Dress Code:

  • Stylish cocktail dresses.

Selection Criteria:

  • Age: 18-35 years. Great looks, English language.

Contract duration:

  • No less than one month for beginners; one week for those with experience.

Job description:

  • Interaction with club guests, consummation. Intimate services are strictly prohibited.

Travel expenses: can grant a credit for travel expenses.