Clubs (Offers for image girls)

Tuscany, Montecatini resort

About club:

Job for drink hostess. A luxury nightclub is set up in the Tuscany region. The club is historic, well known in the region. The club is visited by many English-speaking guests, so for girls without Italian language easier to adapt. The Tuscan region is called the cradle of the Renaissance. The girls are housed in Montecatini Terme, known as the largest spa resort in Italy. The city is also famous for its trendy restaurants, clubs, many famous historical sites and great theaters.

Working hours:
  • Monday -  22.00 p.m. - 4.30 a.m.
  • Six work nights per week.
  • Fixed fee of EUR 60 - 100 for a work night.
  • Additional bonuses for consummation.
  • The fee shall be paid every two weeks; it is possible for a girl to get advance payment.
Living conditions:
  • Free of charge apartments in city. Two girls sharing one room. Fully equipped kitchen, bathroom (washing machine).
Dress code
  • Cocktail dresses.
Selection Criteria:
  • Age: 18-38 years, basics of italian language.
Contract duration:
  • No less than 3 weeks.
Job description:
  • Interaction with club guests, consummation. Intimate services are strictly prohibited.
Travel expenses:
  • ‘’’’ can grant a credit for travel expenses.